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TOLEDO, OH – Senator JD Vance (R-OH) visited striking UAW workers at the Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio this morning. 

“Great to visit the auto workers striking in Toledo this morning,” said Senator Vance. “They’re in high spirits and have a simple message: good wages for an honest day’s work. I’m proud to support them.

“I heard a lot of stories today. One guy (a father of 3) told me that he worked 60-hour weeks (sometimes more) and couldn’t afford baseball camp for one of his boys.

“Many people told me that they’re regularly threatened with ‘we can always just move your job to Mexico.’

“A few workers expressed worry that the push to electrify the industry would hasten the day when they wouldn’t have a job.

“This isn’t about politics. For many years, the auto workers took it on the chin to enable the industry to retool, reinvest, and thrive. Today, the industry is doing well and the workers should get a slice of the pie.”

The above photos may be used by media outlets, attributable to the office of Senator Vance.

For Background:

  • Read Senator Vance’s op-ed in Newsweek: Now Is The Time To Rescue American Autoworkers
  • Read Senator Vance’s op-ed in The Toledo Blade: Biden EV agenda threatens U.S. auto industry
  • Senator JD Vance recently introduced the Drive American Act, which would eliminate over $100 billion in existing electric vehicle (EV) subsidies and replace them with the America First Vehicle Credit to promote gas-powered vehicles made in the United States.
    • The credit would provide up to $7,500 for new gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, including hybrids, based on a vehicle’s payload and seating capacity. 
    • To qualify, a vehicle must be assembled in the United States with American parts by highly paid American workers. 
    • Jeep vehicles built by UAW workers in the Toledo Assembly Complex would qualify for The America First Vehicle Credit – if workers at the facility are given a significant raise.