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“You heard it here first. They will impeach him under this legislation that may very well pass tonight out of the United States Senate.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator JD Vance (R-OH) joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the supplemental funding package currently being debated in the Senate.

Watch the full interview here and read excerpts below.

Senator Vance on the behind-the-scenes story of the Ukraine aid package:
“There’s the political phase to prevent Donald Trump from being elected President, and then there’s sort of an insurance policy phase where even if he is President, this bill contains wording that would effectively make it illegal for him to discharge his campaign promises as President. Let’s start with the political dynamic here. So you saw this play out over the last two weeks. McConnell and a few other Republican leaders come out and say ‘we’ve got this great piece of bipartisan policy’ when in reality the bipartisan border policies you’ve talked about, we’ve talked about, was a disaster.
“So step two is then to say, ‘well, we can’t advance this great piece of policy.’ Why can’t we advance this policy? Because of Donald Trump, because of the MAGA Republicans in the House and because of their allies in the Senate. So you do this two step where you say that Democrats have done a great job on policy and then immediately turn around and say it’s Donald Trump’s fault that this great policy is not passing…
“The establishment’s obsession with funding Ukraine will force them to throw Donald Trump under the bus again and again and again. This will be a nonstop rinse-and-repeat news cycle where every time the Republican Party gets close to standing on principle and beating back $61 billion of Ukraine funding, you will have the Republican establishment singing the praises of Democrats and then attacking our nominee…
“We cannot let these guys, in the interest of Ukraine, destroy our nominee, create a constant civil war within the Republican Party, depress our voters, all so that you guys can get $61 billion for Ukraine…I’ve never seen the level of emotion from my even Republican colleagues about this fight for Ukraine, as I have over any other issue…There are some Republicans for whom Ukraine is the most important issue confronting the country. And I just say, even if you’re pro Ukraine funding, and obviously I’m not, don’t we have ten more important issues confronting this nation, between the border problem, the debt problem? Why are we so obsessed with this? It is a fetish, Steve. I can’t pretend to understand it.”

Senator Vance on the impeachment trap set by the supplemental funding package:

“In the Ukraine First funding bill, there is funding that is mandatory through 2026. If Trump wins, as I hope he will, he’s going to be President on January of 2025. So what happens if Donald Trump decides to force Ukraine to go to the negotiating table? What if he releases some of the money but not all of the money What if he decides to do what a president has to do, which is conduct diplomacy?

“Steve, you heard it here first. They will impeach him under this legislation that may very well pass tonight out of the United States Senate. I cannot repeat this enough, The Washington Post has already reported that the purpose of the legislation is to control Donald Trump.
“So what they’re trying to do is create a dynamic where if Trump follows his own campaign promises, Steve, they’re going to say it’s illegal and we have to impeach you. It’s maybe reason number one why we’ve got to kill this legislation. We cannot pass a law now that ties Trump’s hands in 2026 and gives Democrats an excuse to impeach him. But that’s what way too many Republicans are talking about doing.”