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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator JD Vance (R-OH) slammed coordinated efforts between the Biden administration and Big Tech to censor Americans at a Senate Republican press conference. Senator Vance’s remarks follow a ruling by a federal judge earlier this month declaring the Biden administration’s recently-exposed close coordination with tech companies unconstitutional.

Watch Senator Vance’s full remarks here:

Senator Vance: “First of all, let’s appreciate the human cost of Big Tech’s censorship. We now know that millions of American schoolchildren were locked out of their schools in a way that harmed their socialization, that increased depression among our young people. And we weren’t having the proper debate about what we were doing to our kids because Big Tech was colluding with the federal government and making it impossible to have that debate. That had human cost: it harmed our children.

“I know people in Ohio, I know people in my own social circle whose children saw increases in depression because they couldn’t go to school and learned they couldn’t go to school and see their friends. And why weren’t they allowed to do it? Because we weren’t having the debate that we should have been having in this country because Big Tech was preventing that from happening.

“The second point that I want to make is we have to remember what’s at stake here. You hear a lot of criticisms and concerns about capital O, capital D, “Our Democracy.” People in this town are obsessed with the idea that our democracy is under threat because people might vote for a President in 2024 that others don’t like.

“Well, let me ask you a question. What’s a bigger threat to our democracy? Is it the people of Ohio or Missouri or Tennessee voting for a President that members of the mainstream media don’t like? Or is it technology companies with financial interests in communist China working with our own FBI to censor the American people? One of those things is a threat to our democracy, the other is an enforcement and reinforcement of it.

“Let’s talk honestly about what’s at stake here. Do we have the right to participate in the debate in our own country? Do the American people have the right to participate in the 21st century town square? Because all of us know that social media is the locus of so many of the debates that happen in our country.”