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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator JD Vance (R-OH) joined Fox News’ Hannity to discuss the Colorado Supreme Court’s unprecedented and unconstitutional removal of President Donald J. Trump from Colorado’s primary ballot.

Watch the interview here and read excerpts below.

Senator Vance on the Colorado Supreme Court’s political weaponization of the legal system: 

“It’s an effort to stop Donald Trump, not at the ballot box, because right now they don’t think they can beat Donald Trump at the ballot box, but to use lawfare, to use the legal process, as a political weapon to take rights away from American voters. I will repeat this again and again: this is not just about Donald Trump, this is about millions of American voters who are being told by judges in Colorado, you don’t get to vote for the candidate that you would like to vote for.
“How is that democracy? How is this in any way consistent with the howls of Republicans allegedly being a threat to democracy, and then left-wing judges are telling Americans, ‘You don’t get to vote for the candidate that you want to vote for?’ It’s preposterous, Kayleigh.”

Senator Vance on the potential that the U.S. Supreme Court will intervene: 
“I certainly hope that they will, and I actually think that they will. I think the Supreme Court has to step in here and protect the rights of American voters. We have to remember, Kayleigh, that they have tried to throw President Donald Trump’s lawyers in prison for challenging some of the election results in the election of 2020. If you should be thrown in prison for challenging election results, exercising your First Amendment rights, what do we do to the people who are trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of American voters? This is craziness. Somebody has to put a stop to it. I hope the Supreme Court steps up to the plate.”