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Toxicology Advice


If you have any health concerns, are feeling sick, or experiencing symptoms, you can seek toxicology advice by calling (234) 542-6474.


Personal Well Water Testing


If you rely on private well water, please get your water tested as soon as possible. In order to request testing, residents can call (330) 849-3919.


Home Air Quality Testing


Households in the area surrounding East Palestine can have the air quality of their homes inspected to ensure that it’s safe. In order to request testing, residents can call (330) 849-3919.


Access to Free Bottled Water


Norfolk Southern is providing free bottled water to residents in the area. Please call (800) 230-7049 in order to access their Family Assistance Center.


Monitoring Livestock and Pets


If you believe your animal is sick or has died due to toxic exposure, contact your local veterinarian immediately. It is important for state agencies to keep track of these cases, but that can only be done if reported to local vets. The Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at the Ohio Department of Agriculture provides services for sick and diseased livestock for any reason, but does not have testing for Vinyl Chloride.


U.S. EPA Air Monitoring Updates


Updates on Air Monitoring from the U.S. EPA available here: https://response.epa.gov/site/site_profile.aspx?site_id=15933


Ohio EPA Public Drinking Water Updates


Updates on Public Drinking Water Testing from the Ohio EPA available here: https://epa.ohio.gov/monitor-pollution/pollution-issues/east-palestine


For all other concerns, please visit the East Palestine Train Derailment Information page hosted by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency: https://ema.ohio.gov/media-publications/east-palestine-derailment-info