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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator JD Vance (R-OH) joined Laura Ingraham on Fox News to discuss President Zelensky’s visit to Washington and the war in Ukraine.
Watch the full interview here and read excerpts below.

Senator Vance on President Zelensky’s visit to Washington: 

“We’re about to go through the United States Senate [today], a very undignified process where Zelensky comes to town and demands that you give him, the American taxpayer gives him, another $61 billion? And oh, by the way, if you want to secure your border first, you are actually a Putin puppet – he said this publicly [yesterday]. I think it’s disgraceful, I think it’s grotesque, and I think that it comes at a time, Laura, when Republicans are actually showing some unity and some courage about the importance of the American southern border. So this is purely designed to apply pressure on Republicans to give up their fight on the border and write another blank check to Ukraine. I’m not doing it. I don’t think Republicans should go for it at all.”

Senator Vance on negotiations to secure the border: 

“If [Zelensky] was smart, he would apply pressure to Biden to come to the negotiating table on the border. We’ve been very clear, both the pro-Ukraine [side] and the folks who are more skeptical of Ukraine funding, Laura, we’ve been clear: you don’t get another dime until the President focuses seriously on border security. And this this gives lie to the idea that Zelensky is just a totally admirable figure who’s defending his own country. He’s coming to the United States of America, lecturing us, and demanding more American taxpayer dollars. By the way, while he throws priests and other figures in jail. I think it’s disgraceful Laura. I’ve been in the Senate for almost a year now, this is the most disgraceful charade I’ve seen in my year here.”

Senator Vance on the need to think rationally about the Ukraine war and put Americans first: 

“We’re trying to get Zelensky and everybody else to think rationally about this war, that doesn’t make you a ‘Putin puppet’ … what happened to the summer offensive? They’ve gained minimal territorial gains, they still want another $61 billion, and the only thing that it’s going to accomplish is turn Ukraine into a permanent client state of The United States. They’re going to be unable to pay their pensioners, they’re going to be unable to pay the basic function of civil government, that is where this policy has led. It’s a disgrace …

“Right now, people in Ohio can’t afford food. Young people can’t afford to buy homes. We’re paying for their government. You’re exactly right. We’ve got to focus on our own problems. And Laura, the thing that is in our best interest is to get the killing to stop. That’s what we should be doing with American leadership, not writing more blank checks to an endless war.”